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I am currently preparing an ebook titled secrets of ecommerce funnels.

If there are no horizontal obstacles, I expect it to be launched in early 2018.

Yes it took me quite some time to write this ebook because I wanted to focus on 3 things.

Content quality
Easy to understand content
Content that can inspire readers to act

Who is this ebook written for?
existing ecommerce business owners (sme)

existing business owners are planning to immediately develop business channels into the ecommerce field

business owners who are interested in venturing into the ecommerce business and see its potential in the future

anyone interested in digital marketing & sales can also benefit from this ebook.

What are your expectations from this ebook

I found that there are many people who are interested in opening an ecommerce business but eventually give up because the results obtained are not the same as they had hoped.

He then only focused on close sale activities using whatsapp as before.

Other entrepreneurs who want to try telemarketing list ecommerce are warned that ecommerce is difficult to run.

Is it true that?

Until when do we want to trade manually which is loaded with limitations?

I hope that the readers of this ebook will gain inspiration from the content they read.

He then acted and gained knowledge, experience and good results as a result of the action.

I know and you know now is the easiest time to start a business

Never in human history, the cost of starting a business has been so low, you can even start with a cost of rm0.

My friend said, malaysia is just moving towards 2 jobs. Our neighboring country indonesia has moved towards 3 jobs. The lower cost of BTC Database EU starting a business opens up space for everyone to start a part-time business.

All due to the existence of digital technology. The cost to market & sell is enough by having a social media account for free & internet access which can be prepaid from as low as rm5.

As for products, you can start by selling other people’s products by dropshipping (you only need to pay the dropshipping fee), or you can also sell using an affiliate link (free).

For those who want to use their own brand, they can go directly to the oem to make their own products with their own brand. We can also browse alibaba to choose what product we want and put our brand logo on the product at a cost that is not too high.

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