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First service or sales staff have to switch between applications – the one for chat, the one for emails, etc. – instead of operating within one system. Secondly, with separate applications, contact histories are usually sav separately in each channel, which means huge difficulties in collecting knowlge about the client and analyzing recipients. Add to this is the ne to securely and efficiently handle the customer database. On the one hand, data must be carefully guard, and on the other hand, trars must be able to easily access them for perfect personalization of offers.

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Will the company ci on another supplier to ticket handling monitoring software? And does anyone else have time to keep an eye on updates? Focus Contact Center – a comprehensive ICT system from a single supplier Focus Contact Center is a comprehensive ICT system that enables contact through many communication channels, guarantees UK Mobile Number List security and easy data management, provis support for notifications and mechanisms thanks to which customers can call trars faster, and sales can more easily implement their plans.Check out the tails in the form of an infographic:Prictive dialing.

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In addition to the quality of specific solutions offer on the . One supplier that “takes care of” all technological aspects of communication in the company. Focus Contact Center also supports the applications us so far in the company, such as BTC Database EU external CRM systems . The right selection of suppliers is crucial for work efficiency. Quality of services, comprehensiveness of solutions and price – these are the main guilines. Thanks to them, it is possible to ruce the number of suppliers and increase productivity.The year was very successful for Focus Telecom Polska – we velop many new tools, won numerous awards.We are more and more intensively present on foreign markets and successfully introduc a new visual intity.

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