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Agents are not able to handle all receiv calls, some. Potential callers are discourag from contacting and the effectiveness of the campaign is low. When the system rings too many calls, some of them are “dropp” (abandon calls). It looks like this. The client answers the call and hears a message like “Hello, this is company X, all our consultants are busy at the moment. Please wait for the call.” Within a few seconds there is no connection with any agent,  and effectively discourages him from the offer of a given company (in the case of sales campaigns) or participation in an event or study (in the case of information or survey campaigns.

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In the jargon of the call center, this situation is referr to as. Burning the base”, wasting contacts with potential customers.In addition, due to the annoyance of customers answering calls that are not answer by any company employee, many countries Australia Mobile Number List haveregulations that specify what is the acceptable. Percentage of dropp calls in the total pool of calls answer (usually to percent). How the system “learns” For programmable dialing to work perfectly, the system must constantly examine call statistics and adapt to them. The best algorithms consir both.

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Short-term and long-term statistics. Short-term statistics – bas of abandon calls, answerability of calls (what percentage of initiat calls are answer by interlocutors. One out of six calls is answer). Long-term statistics – bas on consecutive days of the BTC Database EU campaign: how the cast changes in the campaign, how long campaign calls usually last. How long on. Average does it take agents to prepare notes from the conversation (so-call wrap), what is the. Response rate of calls at different times of the day. The system adjusts the frequency of calls by combining conclusions from short-term and long-term statistics. The first ones are collect on an ongoing basis and adjustments to them take place immiately.

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