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The ne to contact the same issue many times, long wait times on. The line and the ne to answer the same questions several times. THE MOST COMMON REASONS FOR CUSTOMER FRUSTRATION the ne for repeat contact on the same matter % long wait. Time on the line % answer the same questions to different people in the company or through different communication channels % source: Accenture report “Global Consumer Pulse Survey” How can new technologies for the tourism industry help solve the problem? Morn communication platforms make it possible to handle all inquiries and personalize offers. This is due to the automat integration of information and inquiries from all communication channels.

The construction and updat of databases

On individual customers, and the functions of automatic. Callback to numbers from which calls to the travel agency were ma. The essence of integrat service is its seamlessness for the customer. The system should collect as much information about Israel Mobile Number List the customer as possible on its own, without burn the customer with further questions. Knowlge of customer preferences is facilitat by market automation tools that provi. Information about the pages and offers view by the customer. For the customer’s convenience, the ial solution is to use one centraliz phone number and then automatic rirections bas on location. The client should feel completely at ease when initiat communication with the office – pend on personal habits.

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Sometimes he will choose a phone call

Sometimes an e-mail or fax, maybe a low-stress chat, text message or even contact via Facebook. If the office does not support one of these channels, the client can turn to the competition. Contact via any communication channel It is worth remember BTC Database EU that the telephone is still the number choice for most potential customers and special efforts should be ma to ensure that the wait time on the line is as short as possible. And again , morn communication solutions come to the rescue , queu calls to free consultants or even to other office branches, which shorten the wait time.

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