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Dare to be creative When creating an  consider using a video or a banner with animation of one or several elements. Preparing the ad, setting the budget releasing it into the air will not ensure the success of the discount campaign. It often happens that a campaign does not bring the expect result, not because the product itself is not very popular or the discount is insufficient, but because the message has not been notic by the target group. st out! Use contrasting colors, tell a story with a carousel, entertain potential customers – as you can see, it only takes a moment to come up with a few ideas that will help you become known! Keep in mind that the ad acceptance time may be extend take much longer than a few hours.

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So don’t leave it to the last minute a few days in advance. Thanks to this, you will save yourself nerves in an already stressful period for you. Complete the Algeria Phone Number List activities with Google Ads Not only during Black Friday, but also throughout the year, the advertising system of the search network – Google Ads – is very effective Therefore, activities in this area should not be missing during the most important purchasing campaign. These ads will help you reach people who are looking for a product that is also in the assortment of your e-shop. Use it! Choose the right keywords that match the products you offer.

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After determining what will be cover by the discount – place this information in the creat ad with an additional time counter. It is worthwhich is perfect for e-commerce. All you ne to do is implement the list of products includ in the offer of your online BTC Database EU storeGoogle Merchant Center … done! However, the synergy of product advertising with text advertising will work best Strengthening the activities with the two above-mention types of campaigns will guarantee you your store success! Example: Shopping ad Preparing for Black Friday – product advertising Example: Text ad Black Friday text advertising Black Friday success in your hs or… specialists! Do you feel is not for you.

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