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Such dynamic velopment, mainly in the area of ​. Customer service and support . Most often, suppliers of photovoltaic solutions face the following challenges: lack of quick contact with the customer interest in the installation no control over the customer acquisition process lack of control over the process of handling sales opportunities heavy workload on the sales partment lack of clear communication paths between. Partments that lead to errors and lost sales opportunities the. Complicat organization of communication and working on mobile vices makes it difficult to scale processes How to prepare a company for such challenges? At Focus Telecom, we answer: focus on changing communication processes with.

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For multi-channel communication. We are ready for velopment: Case Study. Photovoltaics The following case concerns a large photovoltaic company that was found and velop more than 10 times in less than a year. Trars instead of a dozen or so meetings a day Hungary Mobile Number List sudnly had to schule several hundr. The simplest solution turn out to be. Increasing the company’s personnel by people serving customers. During this year, the company ma a strategic cision to implement an easily. Scalable call center system to improve customer communication in orr to ensure sales effectiveness and customer service quality. Here are the business goals they set for themselves when ciding to implement.

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Reaching as many potential customers as possible Optimizing the use of field work teams Using knowlge about processes to optimize the work and settlement of sales teams and external co-workers – reporting Ability to easily scale operations due to rapid velopment BTC Database EU Focus Telecom provid the client with a solution that provis support for over 100 workstations. We provid support in the field of: ticketing system , access to the central database of records in all campaigns, the ability to duplicate the database, set up a blacklist of numbers, access to any configuration of report data , an integrat web form and a Sitecall widget on the website for potential customers.

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