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A wrong cision can mean a nuisance in everyday work, poor results and trouble when trying to change. A good cision is the convenience of work, higher revenues, customer loyalty and ease of company velopment.Representatives of dozens of bt collection and loan companies met with IT experts during the “Cloud Breakfast”. Breakfast participants had the opportunity to test the Focus Contact Center system and consult their business nes with our experts. What technologies facilitating contact with customers interest them the most? Didn’t manage to attend the Breakfast? Test the system now > Even the best employee of a bt collection company loses an average of % of time waiting for a call, and only out of calls are answer.

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That bt collection and lending companies see a glass ceiling above them. This means that the effectiveness of employees is limit by outdat technologies. It’s like putting a rally driver behind the wheel of an ordinary city car – says Tomasz Paprocki Tongliao Phone Number List from Focus Telecom Polska, who l the meeting together with Andrzej Ogonowski from SMSAPI. The meeting was attend by representatives of several dozen bt collection companies and lenrs. What solutions were they most interest in? First of all, programmable dialing (prictive dialing) and caller authorization (the system automatically recognizes the customer). – For lenrs, a quick response to contact from the client is crucial.

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Anachronistic technology does not allow these investments to be consum. Without tools that improve communication with customers or btors, it is difficult to compete on the market – says Tomasz Paprocki. It is worth noting that there are IT tools BTC Database EU dicat to both these industries. The use of morn IT solutions is facilitat by the fact that it does not require huge expenditures on equipment, because they are available in the cloud computing mol. That is why mium and small companies also use them more and more often. Learn more about cloud computing solutions. Talk to the experts  The meeting was held as part of the “Breakfast in the Cloud” series.

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