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Not want this contact, waste of time entering the into two systems. Serious risk of errors resulting differences between databases. It would be simple to say that integration ruces all these factors. This is of course true. But let’s look a little differently. Here are six benefits of integrating CRM with the contact center system from the point of view of consultants’ work spe, sales effectiveness and customer experience. CRM and contact center – better access to data The CRM database contains tail information about the client, history of contacts, progress of the sales process, dates of sales representatives’ meetings, industry, sub-industry, interests, sales forecasts, results of e-mailing campaigns, segmentation that’s right.

Instead of wanring among dozens of boxes

Thanks to the integration of CRM and contact center systems. The consultant in the contact window will see only the information that is necessary for his work. In addition to the obvious convenience, it is also an important psychological factor – he knows Ghana Mobile Number List that he is prepar to talk to even the most difficult client. He can focus on better conducting the conversation and searching for solutions best suit to the interlocutor, which will increase the chances of effective sales or efficient resolution of the client’s case. . Faster and more convenient operation A customer calls your contact center. I want to update my contact tails.

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The consultant works in the back

Of his mind he writes down the ne to change these data in the contact center system. “By the way” asks the customer, “how’s my request for a discount, which I talk about yesterday with this nice lady, I can’t remember the name?” There is no information BTC Database EU on this subject in CRM, the consultant has to “jump” to the contact center system, find the client’s card and trace the history of the request. It all takes time. In integrat systems, all this information can be on one screen. More convenient and faster for the consultant, more convenient and faster for the client who will be happy to return to the company.

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