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Billions of users from all over the world who open  every day to see what their friends have written What’s more, completing the Facebook profile by its users allows for even better matching of ads to individual groups of users Thanks to this, your company’s advertisement reaches exactly those people who may become customers in the future YouTube YouTube gathers  million Poles in front of the monitors per month This means that almost three out of four Internet users in our country use this platform This is an excellent customer base for your advertising strategy The positioning of the page Website positioning, ie content marketing , is not direct advertising on the web It is not about promoting a product, but about getting a high rating in.

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To which the link to your website will be at the top of the search engine list How much does it matter? As many as  of users in Pol use the Google search engine In contrast, the first result gets  of clicks,   of users never go to the second page of results Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List This means that an online store with the best SEO collects as much as  of customers looking for a given product on the web In turn, being outside the top ten makes it virtually impossible for Internet users to find your br The positioning of the site is carri out in relation to individual phrases enter in the Google search engine – a different list of results will appear after entering hairdresser Krakow.

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Another for the query hairdresser Warsaw

Therefore a good marketing strategy is focus on searching for the most effective phrases for a given company company blog Running a company blog is a cheap advertisement on the Internet,  at the same time an extremely effective form of marketing BTC Database EU Keywords us in this way additionally affect the positioning of the portal At the same time, they build the image of your company as specialists in their field  Running a blog also increases the position of your br on the market by increasing its recognition Users entering the blog in search of information will associate its graphic design, so if they ne to buy a product, they will go to a place they know.

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