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Make them wer around the site for a long time – a person will go. A well-thought-out structure will allow dividing the target audience by interests giving it what it nes. That is why both positions in the issue conversion depend on it. Website usability development This stage is aim at improving the convenience of the online store for users. A site that is hon to the rules of usability is better perceiv by visitors. In the process of optimizing the convenience of a web resource headings fonts navigation linking everything else are being work out.

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The time spent by visitors on the site ruce the bounce rate increase the return rate to the online store etc. Micromarking of an online store Micro markup is a way to make a web resource more structur understable for search engines. Tags are written UAE Phone Number List in the HTML code they indicate to bots where what information is locat in the online store. One of the most common types of microdata is Schema. It allows you to create attractive snippets in the SERPs with subsections rating price etc. Here’s what it looks like Micromarking of an online store Another necessary micro-markup is Open Graph. It is ne so that links to a web resource look attractive on social networks.

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Checking the site for errors Usually

These are technical problems including indexing. To perform search promotion it is imperative to find such shortcomings get rid of them. By the way you can analyze the site for errors through the convenient Google Search Console service. Disadvantages are BTC Database EU display in the Coverage item Checking the site for errors Pay attention to the status of the problem Error – pages are not index in the search engine due to some shortcomings. Make sure that there are no pages important for the online store in the category.

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