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The cision or purchase stage , which in the B C industry by finalizing the purchase of a given product or service. (In the B B industry, the process is more complex, as there are usually several cisionmakers). How can big data help sellers at each of these stages? With it, they can answer questions such as what challenges do customers face? where do they actually look for information? how to encourage them to buy in our store in the most effective way? Thanks to obtaining this type of information, we can plan strategic actions that will ultimately encourage the customer to purchase our products or services. An example may be the use of platforms that our target group actually uses and the choice of the most effective methods of reaching them.

The line between online and offline

Sales is blurring It would seem that so recently the division into the online and offline sales industry was precisely fin, and the line between the two types of sales was clear. The dynamic changes taking place recently all over the world have drastically chang this state of affairs. Today, in orr to win customers, companies must focus on a combination of both spheres convenient online shopping with the best experience of stationary shopping. Mateusz Dałek, Retail & Ecommerce Analytics Expert, says Interpenetration of online and offline spheres, the socall omnichannel will be the standard in the coming years in retail. The convenience of online shopping and the experience of buying instore will be inextricably link.

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The solution is therefore omnichannel

The availability of products through various channels provis customers with the opportunity to purchase them regardless of the situation. Experts BTC Database EU agree with this, says Katarzyna Płonowska, Facility & Relationship Manager at signer Outlet Warszawa Showroom owners should strive for omnichannel sales to stop being pennt on changes in the social space caus, for example, by a panmic. According to the data of the European Commission, only of SMEs were selling online in . However, it is not only the presence in many channels that is important (only of SMEs conduct online sales in ), but also the experiences creat in all of them.

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