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Today the problem for many is that their potential customers seek contact with them in many different ways, using many different platforms. A call to a consultant, an e-mail to BOK, a message on Facebook Messenger or a chat inquiry on the website – all these methods can lead to the sale of a loan or a customer satisfi with the level of service who will tell his friends about us. Unfortunately, companies that do not have control over the entire multi-channel communication process often lose potential customers the opportunity for profit on such occasions. Not to mention their reputation as a solid, trustworthy financial entity.

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Other relat challenges is the contact center system, which allows you to take full control over the contact process with potential or current customers, btors anyone who wants to quickly contact our company. Thanks to the fact that each client has a dicat List of US Mobile Phone Numbers client card, you have access to the full contact history, call recordings or previously ma notes. The data is not scatter (or even lost) as it often looks when we serve customers using an Excel spreadsheet or an e-mail box. What’s more, all employees indicat by the partment manager can have access to customer data. Team rotation, sick leave of a colleague who usually als with a given client or other factors do not affect the quality of contact with him.

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One of the functionalities that a good contact center system has is a widget that allows quick contact with the company for all those who browse the company’s website. A window that appears invites you to leave your data, a company employee can quickly BTC Database EU call you back. What does this solution give us? Easy quick lead acquisition, without the involvement of our employees. You can find out more about this solution on the Focus SiteCall page . Benefit Generating a variety of reports on your activities Data scatter between e-mail, various Excel sheets or even memory is certainly not familiar to you. This is how we all start, but at some point it’s worth consiring where it leads.

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