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Sav time and money relat to quick content classification and automation of activities bas on specific data is invaluable in companies whose showcase is customer service. Not only in times of crisis, but also on the path to velopment. The coauthor of the article is. Lukasz Kobiec, CEO of Itimatica He has been al with customer service and sales support since the beginn of his. Professional life, . for over years. He start work at the Contact Center, work “on the phone” turn out to be a school of life that turn into a passion. Thanks to her, he was able to climb up and gain the next career ladr. In his professional work, he cooperates with managers manag BOKsales teams, supports them in build solutions (solution sell), business analysis, and consult.

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With use his competences and experience to build. Commercial strategies, products or services, acquire new business or sales channels. In and , the industry portal ccnews recogniz him as one of the most influential people in the industry . The Uruguay Mobile Number List coronavirus panmic is a challenge for everyone. The situation has forc most businesses to immiately switch to remote work. It is clear that a large part of companies was not and is not prepar for this. Companies that ne to maintain continuity and high quality customer service are very vulnerable to the crisis.

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But it is a situation in which your company, spite the limitations, must rise to the occasion. Most companies’ customer service sks are now be storm by calls with questions on everyth from finance to travel and healthcare. Your customers ne BTC Database EU support now more than ever. And there is no doubt that customer service business continuity will be critical in surviv this crisis. Don’t put your company in a staff vs customer situation. You have to take care of everyone The health and wellbe of your customer service staff should be of paramount importance to you. They are the guarantor of service continuity. It is known that the traditional contact center is a large gather of people an environment that contributes to the spread of the virus.

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