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From the configuration si, IVR is very simple – you in the “drag and drop” system. However, many IVRs, although technically flawless, fail the test. Why is this happen? Most often this is the result of errors in their preparation: ill-consir structure, mak them fast putt in the script records ma in the office with a microphone from the supermarket Before implementation: how to prepare the “dream” IVR? Therefore, to make it easier for you to prepare the IVR menu, we offer a checklist to prepare you for build the voice menu and avoid surprises when it comes time to configure and run the system. ) Prepare an IVR menu sign.

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Instead of annoy them in this article voice menu annoys customers? Change it in steps . ) Choose the numbers that will direct you to IVR – check what phone numbers you have and think about which ones to share. Ne new numbers? Then Finland Mobile Number List contact your operator. ) Check what issues customers call you most often and think about how to inclu them in the IVR menu. Which partments should callers be direct to in a given case? ) Consir how you will expand the IVR as your business grows. ) Specify the work hours of the IVR. How will it work outsi of your hotline hours? ) Think about what emergency options to use in the event of IVR “jamm” – overflow queues , automatic callbacks , direct to voicemail? ) Write voice announcements.

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Messages Tips can be found in the already mention article IVR voice menu annoys customers? Change it in steps . ) Record announcements. Use the services BTC Database EU of a professional studio and voiceover – the costs are not high, and the quality of the record and announcements is incomparably better than the version record with a mobile phone. Save files in mp format. An example from real life: this is how IVR is written after a joint workshop between the client and Focus Telecom Polska. scriptions add for clarity. Click on the image to see it in full size.

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