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Therefore it is obvious that your BOK must work remotely in dispersion. Some companies consir outsourc part or all of their call center operations as a backup plan. This strategy presents some challenges. First, external call centers are also at risk of be shut down. Secondly, it means exist customer service staff are los touch with their normal tasks and customers. Thirdly, sudn outsourc means loss or ruction of operational control and thus a crease in the quality of customer service. In this situation, mov your own consultants from a centraliz contact center environment to a remote work environment and maintain continuity seems to be a logical and good solution.

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Center solution be able to handle this type of work? Accord to Gartner, over of contact centers still operate on old, local telephone systems that is, traditional exchanges. This means that consultants are “attach” to their workplaces by means of a landline Venezuela Mobile Number List telephone and a computer. There is no easy way to move this legacy configuration into a lightnfast remote work scenario with complete continuity. The fastest possible (and cheapest) solution in this situation is to move the contact center system to the cloud. How to do it? Remote work in customer service. The contact center system as a communication standard Cloud solutions have been displac traditional system, communication and data storage solutions from the market for a long time.

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Other infrastructures it adapts to the nes of the company and enables easy scalability of operations. In recent years, we have been observ a huge migration of corporate systems to the cloud when it comes to the contact center platforms themselves the BTC Database EU number of their users increases by about ⅕ per year. This means that cloud communication is already becom a standard in business. The panmic crisis will certainly accelerate this process. of companies survey in September by IDC as part of the Challenge of Change study clar that they associate their velopment with mov to the cloud in the first place, of which of enterprises consir us only the cloud, and want to use it partly.

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