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Cloud in the first place, of which of enterprises consir us only the cloud, and % want to use it partly. Accord to IDC, services in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mol will grow the fastest, which at the end of had as much as / of the total expenses incurr by new companies for solutions. Overall, migrat to the cloud translates not only to cost savs and better customer service , but also to better scalability and flexibility, as well as ease of upgra when ne. The implementation of a cloud solution for multi-channel business communication frees up resources in the company and allows you to invest in velopment.

And of course it frees you from struggl

With outdat technology, which termines the quality and efficiency of business processes in the company. When we implement our services that are available in the digital cloud, in the SaaS mol, for customers who previously us stationary solutions, we Portugal Mobile Number List always observe their satisfaction – says MichaƂ Misiak, CTO Focus Telecom Polska – the first doubts and resistances are quickly overcome when analyz the available possibilities and cost calculation, and then ease of use. Mov from a stationary call center to a cloud-bas one is usually like switch from a toddler to a Merces.

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Secondly focus on Customer Experience

The morn customer is of course a different customer than the pre-digital customer. It has high requirements because it has more possibilities to compare products and access to other suppliers. This is one of the reasons why the quality of service BTC Database EU is an important criterion for its selection . Today’s customers require every interaction with a brand to provi them with a fast flow of information, regardless of whether they are talk to a consultant, with the staff of a brick-and-mortar store, via a mobile application, social mia or other channel. Research shows that companies focus on a positive customer experience increase revenue by – % compar to the competition.

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