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The principle of data confintiality – lawyer’s comment The basic principle of the provision of any electronic communications service is the principle of confintiality. Accord to the ePrivacy project, any interference with electronic communications data , such as listen, eavesdropp, storage, monitor, scann or other interception, supervision or process of electronic communications data by any entity, without the consent of end-users, is prohibit, provid unless the ePrivacy regulations provi otherwise. Therefore, the standard will be to treat each message sent electronically that may contain personal data as confintial, and thus protect against unlawful use.

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Laid down in Directive EC, the ePrivacy Regulation will ensure that metadata from electronic communications will enjoy the same protection as the content of communications. This is an important novelty, because metadata very often Uruguay Mobile Number List allows to draw specific conclusions about the private lives of people involv in electronic communication, such as their social relationships, habits, interests, etc. Metadata can make life easier for web users, by spe up data searches, but they also carry many risks – for example.

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The virtual exchange is available via

The Internet in the form of a subscription service – all you ne to use is a connection (which is still a necessity these days), a computer and a telephone. The installation and initial configuration is done by the PBX supplier in cooperation with BTC Database EU you. Also, further service and maintenance of the system is on the supplier’s si – you don’t have to do anyth. Virtual PBX updates are includ in the subscription price – all patches and updates to the latest version are ma automatically by the provir. You don’t have to worry about them at all – you just use them. You can work from anywhere Since the virtual exchange is available via the Internet, you are not ti to a location.

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