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Living expenses are not includ in the scholarship. Who can apply? Every Albanian citizen resident in Albania. Anyone who has appli and been accept to one of the best international universities to pursue master’s. Studies in one of the aforemention fields, starting from the – academic year. Those who have outstanding skills and talent in the digital field.  ose who are willing to return to Albania after completing their studies and complete a -month internship at Vodafone Albania. Those who have not studi before or have another master’s degree.

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The application is open since April , and Norway Mobile Number List will close on May PERSONAGE Updat on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of reading. They have complet their studies at the universities of Tirana and their success has manag to cross the borders. They proudly mention the fact that they studi in Albania and this is like an add value for the country and the universities. hey work in the best companies in the world. Even though Albania did not give him the opportunity to develop a successful career. He got the healthy foundations in the field of engineering to make it a success in America. Arben Cenko, thanks to the many years of experience and the knowlge gain at the universit.

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Has manag to have his studies successfully BTC Database UK publish in the USPTO. Unit States Patent and Trade Office), three patents that are relat and are being us by the company in which he currently works. Over the years he has work in several important. Positions in companies such as OCLAP Srl ( – ) in the position of Equipment Printing Manager. At Regaskiss (ITW) Product Design Engineer from – Windsor Ontario Canada. MART WELD & AUTOMATION Inc. – as Vice President of Research, Development, Design of Oldcastle, Ontario Canada, Synchron Design & Automation. As a consultant for Research-Development-Design in the field of automation and robots as.

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