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To work  must be observ You can only advertise products in stock. It is allow to add products to ads that do not belong to prohibit content. The presence of clearly defin conditions for the return of goods or money is matory; the terms of payment must be. Indicat in the shopping cart itself not only in the corresponding section. It is also necessary to indicate the current cost of the goods add high-quality pictures. It is important that the site works on the secure protocol. If there is a problem even with one thing it can negatively affect the. Effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Setting up Google Shopping Ads When the site is ready you can proce directly to work with advertising.

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The following is a step by step guide. Setting up ads in Merchant Center It is a tool for downloading data about the store brs products. It allows you to provide. Them in Google Shopping other search engine services. To launch advertising you ne to register Thailand Phone Number List in the Merchant Center after which you will be able to create your own ads with prices titles text. When registering an account you ne to specify the name of your company it will be shown in advertising Setting up Google Shopping Ads Next you accept the terms of use. The next step is to set up the delivery return of products in the Tools tab Set up shipping product returns Now specify the country currency for payment for delivery.

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Specify the country currency for payment of delivery Proce to the tariff settings. If parcels are sent by mail or there is free delivery it is recommend to indicate a single rate for all orders Specify a single rate for all orders Next pay attention to all these fields BTC Database EU Next you should pay attention to all these fields. Setting up ads in Merchant. Center The setup in the Merchant Center is complet by specifying the address of your site verification. Use any of the ways Use any of the ways Setting up product advertising in Google Ads To work with ads you ne to link this account to the Merchant Center. If you use the same mail everything will be synchroniz automatically.

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