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Maximizing the number of conversions Smart product campaigns allow you to get much more benefits with less involvement on the part of the advertiser Thanks to the possibilities of optimizingThe key step is to choose the right Google. Merchant Center account for a given campaign Information on this can be found in Settings, where you can also check your. GMC account ID In Performance Max, we have a choice of goals that will be implement during the campaign It is: CPA, ie target cost per action, present during the option to maximize the number of conversions, ROAS, ie target return on ad spend.

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known from stard product campaigns are also important These are among others: Location – all areas of different range within which advertising activities will be carri out Languages ​​- refers to the languages ​​us by users visiting your website, Final URL Expansion – this is an option that allows you to find the URL to which your ads will be target These Iran Mobile Number List are in a nutshell – URL. Options.Ad Schule, which tells you when your ads will run, Campaign Start End Dates, if known Performance Max campaigns are characteriz by a high level of automation of activities, thanks to which most of the parameters settings are adjust by algorithms artificial intelligence We have few options to choose from optimize, but does this mean that.

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The possibilities of the Performance Max campaign are much greater, the scope of activities covers all the most important Google products This makes it a great option for running efficient product campaigns with relevant results Resource BTC Database EU groups The Performance Max. Campaign Asset Report is us to analyze compare performance over time to help you take further action make cisions about your offer Thanks to the data obtain, you can find relevant information that will help you create new resources in a timely manner WHAT WILL YOU NE TO. CREATE A PERFORMANCE MAX CAMPAIGN? Different types of campaigns bas on the Google network allow you to use many.

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