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Customers By selecting a given group of resources, it is possible to adjust the campaign according to the individual nes of the advertiser Goals types of Performance Max campaigns Creating a Performance Max campaign requires fining the exact goal of the actions We have three options to choose from – these are Sales, Leads Website Traffic These relate to the factors we want to focus on Do we want to increase sales, attract customers or maybe increase traffic popularity on the website? It is worth consiring it carefully choosing the option that interests us Next, it is necessary to specify the conversion goal that will be taken into account during optimization Usually the system will suggest the most suitable one, but you can also choose another option You can add them freely.

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It is also a great way to build br. Awareness. Interactive agency experts using: stard. Remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing in the Google search engine, vio marketing target remarketing guarantee high efficiency of the service This is possible, among others, through the use of lists of recipients of advertising campaigns, ie in Indonesia Mobile Number List this case remarketing lists The scrib service is worth opting for every company, but the best results can be achiev when using your offer requires more thought Practice shows that in the case of more expensive purchases, website users rarely ci to convert right away In a situation where products are cheap, many people also.

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Wi reach They can be us for conversion purposes, marketing activities, as well as for obtaining leads In the option of displaying ads in Google BTC Database EU Maps, it will be a great extension of the promotion of physical stores CREATE A PERFORMANCE MAX. CAMPAIGN Performance Max campaigns are creat in a similar way to other products of this type offer by Google.a YouTube visual ad (you can also use the creator available in the panel) To create a. Performance Max campaign, you must provi all of the inventory shown Thanks to this, the advertisements creat in this way have a chance to reach a much larger group of target.

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