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Only benefits Thanks to data  can track  to the fact that you will fully use the information collect in your organization. What’s more, the visualization will help you get a full picture of your company’s business situation, which will allow you to into better forecasting. According to Statista estimates , the value of the data visualization market in the world in will amount to USD billion, compar to USD . billion in. The increase in the value of this market is therefore expect to increase by approx. Benefits of data visualization Data visualization allows you to quickly easily present draw conclusions from huge amounts of data – pay attention to how many sides we are flood with information every day.

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The birth statistics of girls in Sosnowiec in -, the increase in sales in the last quarter, or the construction progress of the Sagrada Familia church – in any case it will be better to do it with a picture. By visualizing data, in the form of charts, you increase the Bahrain Phone Number List chance of achieving the desir result: effectively sharing information with the recipient. Modern tools aggregate huge amounts of data – understing them would be practically impossible if they were not present in a graphical form. Business analyst team working on data visualization Analysts working on data visualization Good data visualization, or what.

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Why we create a of the data; in the first place, it is best to use simple forms of charts, such as columns, lines points; combine several visualizations for the same area into one panel chart; avoid three-dimensional charts; label graphs so you can BTC Database EU underst them right away – leaving no room for understatement; use subdu colors, highlighting the most important information with brighter ones; avoid fancy fonts. Finally, the most important thing: you should not distort the visualization! You will learn more about this later in the article. The most interesting examples of data visualization This paragraph will begin with interactive visualizations. Number one is probably the most visit website in the “hot phase” of the pemic.

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