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Keep it short – in chat conversations on the website. concise answers, no more than a few lines, work best. If a longer response is need, send it in batches. Why? When the consultant is writing a longer statement. the client may get the impression that the conversation with him has been abandoned and close the page. In addition, shorter statements are easier to read and there is a greater chance that the customer. will stay focused on the conversation and not take care of another matter. especially if he was contacting your store about a purchase, not about solving a problem. inform about each stage of solving the problem if the consultant needs to interrupt the conversation to, for example, check.

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Corresponnce he should necessarily inform the interlocutor about it and then briefly scribe each action taken during the break in the conversation. Short messages are enough, “Please wait a moment, I will check the status of the orr”, “I am entering Nigeria Mobile Number List the list of your orrs”, “Just a moment, I will consult the shipping partment”, etc Offer an alternative to chat If the problem is particularly complex and difficult to solve in short chat messages on the website, offer to continue the conversation by phone or email. Even if your website clearly shows a helpline number or a contact form, do not assume that the customer necessarily noticed them.

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Corresponnce would not be more convenient for him. Offer the possibility of multichannel contact u Work efficiently Many customers of your BTC Database EU online store contact you about the same issues or report the same problems. Prepare a database of readyma answers on the most frequently discussed topics. Consultants will be able to “paste” them into chat conversations with the client, which will significantly increase their efficiency. The ability to use readyma formulas is one of the greatest advantages of chat in online store communication.

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