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Provi customers with an insight into the status of their cases Many people call the hotline just to make sure that their case/orr is being process and at what stage. Providing a customer panel , in which such information would be constantly visible, can effectively ruce the number of incoming calls. Our Focus sk platform enables this option. We’ll talk a bit more about it later in the article. The use of Focus sk means shorter waiting time for a connection with an employee. Error Blindly following the script Scripts are part of everyday life in customer service and this is unlikely to change. However, this does not mean that you should follow them blindly every time, regardless of what the interlocutor comes with.

Otherwise absurdities may occur

Such as a loan offer to a customer who has just call to close a bank account because he is dissatisfi with its service. Scripts should be the basis for Azerbaijan Mobile Number List consultants to work, not tell them word for word what they should say in every situation. It’s a good ia to review the scripts from time to time and ask the customer service staff how they are working with them. Find out are the scripts sufficient and unrstandable for them? How do customers react to this way of conducting the conversation? do they take into account the actual problems/questions that customers call with? This way it will be easier to make at least some of the necessary corrections.

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Remember really good customer

Service is all about personalization, not reciting formulas. Mistake Flooding the customer with additional offers/questions We all know such situations well a customer who is clearly in a hurry rushes into the gas station. At the checkout, however, a whole BTC Database EU list of questions awaits him, for which he has neither the time nor the sire to answer do you have a loyalty card? Would you like a coffee? Do you collect points/stickers? It’s similar in a call center . Would you also like a loan? Would you like more channels on TV? Have you thought about setting up a landline? Of course, upselling and crossselling are important sales techniques that, when properly us, are very effective.

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