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More and more institutions ci to use it, including National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management employees of the fund use the Microsoft Teams platform for internal communication . Artur Kucharski, director of the IT partment at the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, says We start using Microsoft cloud solutions two years ago. Initially, these were services address to our external users, applicants, beneficiaries. Over time, we found out that our internal systems can also work in the cloud. The advantages of such solutions are the fast pace of teamwork, the ability to use various.

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Chat or teleconferencing via the integrat Skype platform recording team meetings or integration with the calendar and the aforemention Virtual Telephone Exchange. Thanks to the latter, the internal communication platform also allows you Croatia Mobile Number List to communicate with resints all in one, easily accessible place. Replacement of the queue management system in the office In most offices there are ticket machines that organize the queues of resints arriving at the office, dividing them bas on the matters they want to al with. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of queues or the growing dissatisfaction of resints who do not know when their case will be resolv, and often have to take a day off.

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That will take a few minutes for the official to prepare. The solution will be a remote queue booking system. Thanks to it, the resint will choose the time of his visit to the office, and after arriving he will not have to waste time waiting while being sure BTC Database EU that the person competent to al with a given type of case will be there. Morn solutions allow you to send customers notifications about the upcoming call to the window, which saves even more time. The satisfaction of citizens translates into easier work for officials, but this is not the end of the advantages of this system. The official himself does not have to bother to manage the queue, ensure compliance with the regulations on limiting the number.

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