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Mobile traffic is growing quite slowly but consistently image source What does this mean for your company? Taking care of mobile customers. Your website and customer service should be fully mobilefriendly. Your customers will benefit from this, but also your website (we would like to remind you that from Google is implementing a mobilefirst inxing policy , according to which a mobile website, and not a sktop one, is inx in the search engine). Trend remote customer support During the COVID panmic, it turn out that a large number of daily tasks can be perform remotely. This also applies to customer service. Many companies around the world cid to send employees home, from where thanks to access to company.

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The same service as before in the office or in the call center. We can expect that at least some of these companies will remain in this mol. Of course, the key here is to monitor the quality of work perform by such a remote consultant. Focus Telecom Bahamas Mobile Number List provis tools that enable monitoring of calls receiv and ma by remote and field employees. Thanks to select functionalities of the Focus Contact Center, you can easily check how consultants work outsi the office and react quickly when it turns out that they do not answer or do not call back incoming calls. Graphics source Trend the growing role of contact centers Today, a customer service center is much more than just a place where customer calls are answer.

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The role of the contact center is evolving

Today it covers, among others, issues such as generating revenue using the existing customer base (socall upsell and crosssell), collecting and analyzing information about customers in orr to segment and better match the offer. Customer service centers BTC Database EU are starting to be at the very center of communication between the customer and the company . They offer clients support and mentoring, looking for solutions tailor to their nes. It is not, as it us to be, a place where a customer can file a complaint or ask about the price of a product. Morn customer service teams know its industry insi out, and thus can support it on many levels.

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