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In addition, of social mia users clare that their activity in these mia has increas recently, and these activities inclu contact with brands and companies. Completely remote contact center? The importance of remote customer service has been growing for a long time, and the Covid panmic has accelerat this process even more. Companies forc to adapt the functioning of contact centers to social restrictions, as well as recognizing the great potential of cloud solutions, are switching to fully remote operations. The global crisis prov that employees can solve the problems of the company’s customers from anywhere in the world, highlighting the opportunities resulting from such a solution.

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Using contact center systems operating in the SaaS (software as a service) mol, companies will increasingly rely on such technologies when organizing a contact center partment in the company. As we read in the loitte report Before the Armenia Mobile Number List panmic, over of customer service employees work only stationary. Today, that percentage has creas tenfold to , and the trend towards remote or hybrid work is expect to continue in the future (according to of responnts).In the survey of customer expectations conduct by Gladly in , as many as of responnts admitt that it is the quality of customer service that has the greatest impact on lasting ( good) relationships with a given brand.

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That this quality most often does not meet their expectations. This means that we, who manage the customer service partments, still have a lot to do. And the best way to improve the quality of service is to avoid mistakes that alienate customers from BTC Database EU our brand. In this article, we have list such errors, as well as ways to al with them. If you run a company that handles dozens or even hundrs of tickets every day, maintaining the quality of service at a high level can be a big challenge. At the same time, it is often the largest companies that struggle with the image of organizations that do not listen to the voices of their recipients, treat customers as statistical numbers and make them wait a long time.

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