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Due to heavy trafficremain unregister. The caller could not be intifi. For this reason, solv customer problems took much longer. How to solve problems? In addition to the above-mention limitations, it was not that market expenses were not satisfactorily reflect in sales. Among other ths, this is why the team cid to take action to achieve the follow business goals: higher customer satisfaction by increas telephone availability higher work efficiency of the service partment thanks to the automation of search for information about customers velop other communication channels the ability to report and monitor customer traffic to increase the efficiency of operations.

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Was ma to implement the Focus Contact Center platform for customer service, and the emphasis was plac on the follow functions : call queu monitor incom calls wallboard velop and integrat the SMS channel connection of the helpline with the Luxembourg Mobile Number List customer database and recognition of callers by the system. cathlon and FCC: from cision to success After the implementation and release of telephone channels, thanks to the ability to handle an unlimit number of calls at the same time, it turn out that previously the customer traffic was unrestimat, and therefore the service was much more difficult. It turn out that, on average, cathlon has ongo calls at the same time, and are wait in the queue.

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This problem and allow the company to use its full service and sales potential. Other effects after implementation: up-to-date knowlge about the level of consultants’ availability in the telephone channel, enabl the management of rundancy higher BTC Database EU work efficiency of the service partment higher level of customer satisfaction – almost complete ruction in the number of complaints regard difficulties in contact the Customer Service Office. cathlon is an example that it is always worth hav full knowlge of the traffic and behavior of your customers. If only to be able to meet them both in service and in sales. Knowlge about the customer translates into build trust and satisfaction.

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