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You can also measure the effectiveness of market. Campaigns by check which activities br the most profit to the company. Data visualization – statistics can be present in a visual form, in a simple and clear way. It is possible to visualize in various forms of graphs. Which give a clear ia of ​​the results and enable quick data analysis. Reports – all data in the form of tables can be report to Excel. Organization – with the help of appropriate qualifiers, you can create the so-call a sales funnel that tells us about leads (sales opportunities), opportunities and open or clos als (successful or not.

Case study system at Focus organize

Telecom Polska In orr to better  work. We have implement a CRM system in our company – Focus Telecom Polska. Work on the CRM system Macedonia Mobile Number List began in June . Within months, we have observ clear changes in the. Organization of work in all partments of the company. The CRM system implementation project assum. Optimization of market and sales processes, bas on improv cooperation between market and sales partments. Improv the ability to track ROI and KPI for the market and sales partment. Improv KPI track. eper data analysis bas on business nes.

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Management Dur the implementation of the project, it was necessary to train in the process of fin contacts in the CRM system. Therefore, it was necessary to. Fine the appropriate terms, which were then to become qualifiers and lead BTC Database EU qualifications (Lead Source, Campaign, Lead Generator). Qualifiers were also creat for the sales funnel from leads enter the pop prospect database (sales opportunities) and new customers. Exist customers were also enter into the database. Thanks to the project, after half a year of work on the CRM system, the follow effects were achiev.

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