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The key area on which it was cid to focus were issues relat to. Customer service and an attempt to effectively optimize them so that they had the best impact on the satisfaction of the end user. Project initiators: ATM SA [Atman] The management of the. Customer Service and Telephone. Sales partment, Market and the Management Board of the. Company cid to make changes relat to communication processes and increase the potential of teams. The ne for changes was justifi primarily by: the ne to efficiently manage all communication processes, the ne for constant, thorough monitor of customer. Interactions, striv to increase the efficiency of manag the work of Sales and. BOK teams, willness to use the full power of the. Salesforce system in key areas of the organization.

Project goal Optimization of sales

Customer service processes. ATM SA, in cooperation with Focus. Telecom, cid to rebuild the entire communication infrastructure and to completely transform. Processes in orr to: unleash the full potential of the Telephone. Sales Belgium Mobile Number List partment, standardization of professional customer service. Automation of repetitive activities. Improv communication between systems in the company. Salesforce CRM), ultimately enabl employees to work comfortably on the Salesforce CRM system (work on customer cards insi the CRM), maintain the highest safety standards. Project scope: Schule Phase I [] The scope of work includ the implementation of the Focus.

Phone Number List

Contact Center multi-channel communication

Platform the exist telecommunications infrastructure has been completely remol and transferr to the cloud environment, employees of the Customer Service and Telephone Sales partment began work on agent panels and FCC campaigns, BOK and BTC Database EU Market managers gain access to the administration and report tools of the system. In addition, the Focus Contact Center system was integrat with the Service-sk class system , which enabl a better and faster exchange of information between partments in the company. Phase II [] The scope of work includ the integration of the Focus Contact Center multi-channel communication platform with the Salesforce CRM system us a special Click Dial application.

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