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On the other well-written, optimiz titles higher positions still go h in h, even though the direct correlation has weaken. This is still one of the most important, but not the only aspect of website positioning. In addition, the page title is still the first thing a user sees in the SERP determines whether the page can respond to the search objective. Well-written can increase  which can also have an indirect impact on ranking Use this key piece of the puzzle to prove that your website is relevant noteworthy! To make sure that your title tags are construct correctly will be effective, use the following good practices when building them. First: Give each page a unique title that concisely accurately describes the content of the page. Second: Make titles up to 50-60 characters long (so they don’t get truncat in SERPs.

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But in a natural way (with visitors in mind!) Fourth: Use your br name in your titles. Meta description – effective meta description in a few steps The meta description is another line of code plac in the head section of the website. It is often display in the Switzerland Phone Numbers List snippet along with the title URL of the page. The purpose of the meta description is to reflect the essence of the page, but with more detail context. meta-description The importance of the meta description is closely relat to the title tag as it affects the user’s interaction with the site. The description takes up the largest part of the SERP snippet is a great opportunity to invite search engine users to click on your site by promising a clear comprehensive solution to their query.

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Site ranking factor for a long time. So maybe it’s not worth it’s a waste of time? Remember, however, that it is still part of our visibility in the search engine. An attractive description affects the number of clicks you get, can also improve CTR ruce bounce BTC Database EU rates if the content of the pages really meets the user’s nes. Therefore, the description must be as realistic as it is encouraging clearly reflect the content that is on the page. If we do not complete it, the search engine will display romly match content from a given subpage in its place. It does not always look aesthetically pleasing, sometimes it can even be repulsive. Certainly, no description can perfectly match all the queries keywords you care about.

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