7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Started Your Own Business


I always hear someone’s new year’s resolution is to start their own business. Want to add extra income. Want to develop your own dreams and stop helping others (the bosses at their respective workplaces) develop their dreams (the bosses’ dreams).

Unfortunately, not everything that tickles our hearts is something we can do. There is a difference between intending and actually doing what one intends.

This time I’m sharing 7 common reasons why we haven’t started our own business even though we’ve been determined to start it for a long time.

Fear of failure. Fear of loss. Fear of shame. This feeling of fear prevents us from starting what we intended in the first place. Finally we gave in and just canceled the plan to start our own business.

Wait for the right opportunity & time

Perfectionists. We are always waiting for the perfect opportunity and time to start our own business. In our minds, let everything be absolutely perfect, a truly positive atmosphere before we act.

3. Feeling that you don’t have enough knowledge
Knowledge is very important in business. But we buy phone leads will never know if we are knowledgeable enough to jump into the business world which is full of challenges and difficulties. We really don’t know. When we are not confident in our own abilities, we will give up and eventually cancel the intention to start our own business.

Syndrome before knowledge

What is the problem when there is too BTC Database EU much knowledge? Over-knowledge syndrome occurs at the implementation level, which is the difficulty in making decisions. There is something wrong with every idea because we have “Science” that contradicts the idea. The knowledge we have raises doubts on every idea we have. In the end we cannot move forward because there are internal objections that block it.

We already have a job and have a regular monthly income to pay all our bills & necessities of life. Why bother anymore? There is no urgent need, this is usually the reason why we fail to continue our intention to start our own business. Eventually the intention went away by itself.

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