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The first is its negative impact on website positioning Internet search engines are design to display the best possible results in response to a given query. If several sites contain exactly the same content, search engines may have difficulty determining which one is a better original source of information. As a result, both pages may not be visible in search results, which can have a negative impact on the traffic you get reach your customers. On the other h, users who search for information on the web expect websites to contain unique valuable content. If they visit a site find the same content as another site, they may be dissatisfi leave quickly. In addition, in your website not crible.

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As a result this can lead to a decrease in user engagement the number of page visits. It is also worth remembering that duplicating content is unfair to the authors of the original content. In some cases, copying them may even be illegal. That is Denmark Cell Phone Number List why it is so important to avoid copying other people’s texts – especially without giving their source author. Remember that creating original unique content will certainly be appreciat by both your recipients the Google search engine itself. Examples of the most common content duplications Duplication of content can occur.

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So it’s worth knowing when you might be dealing with it. Below we have collect for you a few examples of situations in which duplicate content most often occurs – Copying parts or the whole of an article from one website posting them on another website BTC Database EU without attributing the source, – Creating new websites or articles that are very similar to existing ones, using the same or very similar content, – Copying texts from books or print articles placing them on your website without attributing the source, – Creating several websites with the same content, but with different URLs without using a rirect.

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