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In addition multi-channel can also come to the rescue. A patient who wants to get quick information can use, for example, a chat conversation. This effect can be achiev by contact center software. In orr to achieve such assumptions, automation tools should be us: arrang visits through multiple channels and integrat information from these channels automatic process of notification of visits (sms, email) with confirmation of the visit coordination of the work of registration partments collect information about contacts with the patient in a central database All this should contribute to streamlin registration and improv the quality of service.

Contact center software for the clinic

Here are the system solutions that work best in increas the dial-up rate: ) Telephone voice menu ( IVR ), direct patients to specific partments and enabl the settlement of some matters in a self-service mol. Read a handful of tips on how to build an IVR wisely Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List so that it actually helps, not scares off callers. ) Record miss calls. Morn systems will record all calls, both successful ones and those that the patient has given up. Thanks to this, you will find out how busy your telephone channel is and how many patients you are “escap”. This will allow you to assess the scale of the problem and the range of possible solutions, and call back quickly.

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Automatic callbacks to miss call numbers

The sooner you call back, the better chance you have of “catch” the patient, and in the case of an automatic call machine, you don’t waste time – the system calls itself, at the same time show the consultant information about the previous BTC Database EU fail call from the patient. ) Relationship maintenance mechanism, in the case of regular patients – intification of the caller and automatic transfer of the call to the consultant with whom he last spoke. The function brs two basic benefits: the consultant immiately knows who is call him and does not have to waste time on intification, and the patient receives personaliz service, which is an extremely valuable element of build his loyalty.

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