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Where did it start PageRank One of the first algorithms launch by Google was PageRank It was develop in , the name comes from the name of one of its creators – Larry Page. What was this algorithm about? The PageRank algorithm determin the numerical value of websites index in the search engine. This value meant their quality – the higher it was, the “better” the site was. This algorithm was bas mainly on power transmission over links. Therefore, a website with a lot of links from other high PageRank sites also gain more power. PageRank was last updat in However, in , it was completely remov from the Google search engine.

Important element of positioning

Despite the fact that it is no longer possible to check the specific numerical value of a given domain, many SEO specialists believe that this algorithm is still us, but in a slightly different form. This results, among others, from from the fact that links pass Dominican Republic Phone Number List on their power are an . Basic Google Algorithms Since , Google has also implement other algorithms that are design to provide users with the best results for their queries. They take into account various factors that together form a coherent mechanism. There are several main Google algorithms, which include Pa – an algorithm implement in , its task is to verify the content on websites in terms of their quality originality.

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The algorithm also searches for duplicate

Content those written for search engine robots. Therefore, pages that have poor quality content or plagiarize it from other sources will be punish with a lower position. Penguin – an algorithm implement in , its task is to verify linking to websites. The BTC Database EU algorithm analyzes the quality method of acquir links. Websites with a lot of unnatural or low-quality links are punish with a lower position in the search engine. Therefore, Google promotes sites with a strong network of external links from valuable sources. Koliber – an algorithm implement in , its task is to correctly match search results to user queries This algorithm analyzes their intentions, thanks to which it is possible to provide more accurate answers.

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