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However social selling activities must be properly . Without adapting them to a specific target group the specificity of the select platform, they can bring poor results. Wrong tactics can therefore be associat with wasting time energy. Therefore, it is worth trusting experienc specialists. If you would like to take advantage of the existing sales potential on LinkIn, please contact us Bet on professionalism real effects with ! CategoriesmarketingFirst steps with Google Analytics January , Google Analytics is an extremely popular tool design to conduct web analytics. Therefore, thecaus quite a stir among specialists using it in their daily work.

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Get to know Google Analytics loser ! In today’s article, we have gather basic information about the most important changes that you can expect in the new GA tool. Learn more about it to be ready for the most optimal use of innovative technology prepar Czech Republic Phone Number List by Google! Contents What is GA? A short comparison of the older new version Advantages of GA How to create a GA account in a few simple steps? Summary What is GA? Google Analytics is the latest version of a popular tool for analyzing measuring data from both connect websites mobile l. This is the successor to the previous version of Universal Analytics, which allows you to present data bas on other ways of processing storing user data.

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A short comparison of the older new version On the surface, it would seem that GA Google Analytics are very similar. Both the new the current version present a number of collect data in one place, making analytics much easier. However, nothing could BTC Database EU be further from the truth, the older the newer version are significantly different from each other. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the change in the method of storing processing user data. This enables the implementation of completely new ways of measuring analyzing the engagement of users who have interact with a given website.

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