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Therefore it is certainly worth focus on mak the offer more attractive to attract potential employees. The possibility of work remotely is certainly becom an increasly common way to lure” candidates. The form of remote cooperation attracts, for example, representatives of the Y generation, the so-call Millennials (born between and ) For this generation, it is not only earns and the possibility of tak a loan that are important elements in choos a job offer, but also conditions such as: flexible work hours, non-wage benefits or new challenges. Remote work, however, is not always a popular form of employment by employers.

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Apart from the facts relat to office  work is still a cause of problems relat to control and monitor of progress. And this situation is what employers fear the most. That is, among other ths, that the work time vot to field work will not be us as well Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List and honestly by the employee as the time of office work perform unr the direct supervision of the supervisor. Nevertheless, many employers who do not agree to remote work in principle have to accept this solution in the case of those positions we wrote about in the previous chapter, when work in the field is basically unavoidable.

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We would like to vote a moment to. Problem monitor activities The subject of monitor the work of consultants often evokes consirable emotions, especially among employees, as it evokes negative associations with common control in the BTC Database EU workplace, relat to, for example, violation of employee privacy (which in the era of the GDPR may also be a concern for employers). However, there is no ny that monitor work, and especially mak and receiv calls, is a necessity in some industries – without it, it is difficult to set realistic goals and enforce them from employees.

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