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How to report problems with the operation of the service – for example, specific email addresses or telephone numbers that should be us to contact the provir in emergency situations. There should also be hours when you can report problems – for example, if your company does not work at night, the range from am to pm may be enough. Two elements of a service level agreement are crucial for you: Response time and problem resolution time – it termines how long the supplier is oblig to take care of the problem report by you, and how much time it has to solve it.

Keep in mind the cost per minute

Of unavailability the shorter this time, the better and the lower the losses for your company. Also note that this is the maximum time – usually the supplier will try to remove the failure as soon as possible. In justifi cases, exceptions may occur, usually Find Your Phone Numbers they concern the operation of the so-call force majeure. Penalties for non-compliance with the SLA conditions – if the supplier does not meet the requirements set for him by the SLA, he will suffer the consequences. These may inclu the right of the customer, you, to terminate the contract or receive compensation for losses incurr as a result of the unavailability of the service.

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This is your insurance policy in case

The supplier exposes you to losses through their negligence or lax approach to the concept of “customer service”. In addition to the provisions BTC Database EU of the SLA, you can usually also claim damages in court. Why should you pay attention to SLA? If your provir does not use a service level agreement, it means that they are unable – or unwill – to guarantee you the specific availability of the service on which your business may pend. The reasons may be different: The supplier uses subcontractors over which it does not have sufficient control.

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