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Work from home, the remote agent has the ability to log into the cloud call center system. However, the problem may arise in the case of employees who do not have access to a computer, but only to a mobile phone. In this case, who are represent by the above-mention trars or service technicians, it is not possible to register their work. Unless us a mobile application that gives access to a call center in the cloud. Problem # is the fear of los customers due to poor service We usually agree without reservation that high-quality customer service is a huge value that allows us to beat the competition, even if we are not able to offer customers a better product or lower prices.

It is therefore obvious that every

Manager wants his employees to maintain this level. The inability to enforce such a level with field employees is a problem, but before we discuss it, let’s list the most important hotspots relat to telephone customer service: problem with telephone Henan Mobile Phone Number List contact, in particular problems with mak calls long wait for a response to the query lack of knowlge of the consultant; no knowlge of previous interactions with the company Each of these problems is especially true for field workers, because they are not able to make all contacts and al with them methodically due to the lack of access to the system.

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Therefore they are in the grey zone

Of service the quality of which pends solely on their individual attitu and skills. Hence the ne to eliminate this “grey zone” us mobile technology. The mobile application connect to the call center in the cloud will ensure that no contacts are BTC Database EU miss, so there will be much less chance of gett stuck with an unhandl query or try to handle it when it’s too late and the customer is ready to change the service provir for competition. Gaps in knowlge about the client in many cases can be supplement by access to the system client card.

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