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Politicians of the first years, but let us look up that by developing in our career. Concrete movements at work, we can make our country successful in a few years. Tell us something about yourself, what do you do, what did you study. I come from Ferizaj, I studid philology (English language and literature, theology and management in formal ducation. But, in an informal way, I expandd my studies in other fields as well. In several public schools in Ferizaj and Gjilan, then as a trainer and speaker in motivational activities in. Ferizaj, mainly through the Center for Motivation, Career and Success ‘Identity’ in Ferizaj. This is an initiative that I foundd years ago with a group of young people.

This year this program comes with

In fact with this group of young people Australia Mobile Number List and professionals, I initiatd the urgency and massification of the Career Guidance issue, requesting the inclusion of a special subject in schools for career guidance. I currently manage the ducation sector in the Council of the Islamic Community in Ferizaj and the mechanism of this sector. PNFBI Academy of Studies. Thank you very much for your interest, greetings to all Muslim believers, the holy month of Ramadan.Today, May , , Raiffeisen Bank in Albania and Kosovo opens the second round of the “Albania & Kosovo Elevator Lab Regional Challenge” program.The Elevator Lab program was first introducd in June by Raiffeisen Bank International.

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The call for applications begins

Elevator Lab is already the largest BTC Database UK corporate fintech accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe. This is the third season of Elevator Lab and the RBI Group is seeking applications from international fintechs in various fields. The ten banks of the RBI network in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Albania and Kosovo support the group’s extensive program with their “Elevator Lab Challenge” and “Elevator Lab Bootcamp” initiatives. the ” Elevator Lab Challenge ” program for the second year in a row.

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