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Innovation Elevator Lab Albania & Kosovo have joind the program giving . Start-ups from both countries the opportunity to present their ideas in a single competition in. Elevator Lab Regional Challenge” Albania & Kosovo. The “Elevator Lab Regional Challenge” Albania & Kosovo invites all interestd parties, start-ups, etc. Who can apply with their ideas and solutions in the fields of Regtech, SME Banking. Retail Banking, Cyber ​​Security, FX Solutions, Large Corporates & Institutional Clients and Advance Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

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Today and closes on June . APPLY NOW Austria Phone Numbers List for the “Regional Elevator Lab Challenge” in Albania . Kosovo and you will have the chance to win three cash prizes for winners. The possibility of a “wild card” for the semi-final of the partnership program in the entire fintech group, etc. For more information about this program you can visit the website: : elevator-lab challenges regional- n , Symmetric was selectd as the winner of the first round of Elevator Lab Albania with its Openpay (Peer-to-Business) payment solution that enables retail customers to instantly pay merchants using their smartphones. Raiffeisen Bank Symmetric to go live with Openpay.

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The cooperation agreement has been BTC Database UK signd and the solution will be pilotd during the first half of May with selectd merchants. Openpay will enable our customers to use an alternative cash and card payment method and will be the first time in our market that QR-base payments will be usd by individual consumers at merchant points of sale across the country. Raiffeisen Bank Kosova last year organizd the first round of the Elevator Lab program. In partnership with ICK, it was a successful event with different companies from all over Kosovo. In the end, the panel chose the Trekandi company as the first place winner and AR vision as the second place winner. Trekandi was also the winner of the “wild card” which I sent to the finals of the Elevator Lab competition in Vienna.

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