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Recurr and on-mand report An essential function in a morn call/contact center are reports , data export relat to generat reports and bills. This makes it possible, for example, to control the quality of the construction of the campaign script and monitor the paths of the script. In the report, you can specify the parameters you are interest in ( time and data area) and generate a graphical summary of this data, in the form of charts. Reports should be sav in a specially creat library. wallboard It allows you to display the current results of the agents’ work and goals for the day, visible to all employees. With this tool, you can transparently motivate employees to achieve the set goals and monitor the results.

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For employees managers and company management. Sources:VoIP operators enable connections us the Internet connection. A very good solution seems to be VoIP for companies, which provis cheaper domestic and international calls. VoIP List of US Mobile Phone Numbers calls therefore enable significant savs and inpennce from location. But how to choose the right operator? Compar to “traditional telephony”, the biggest advantage of VoIP is that it is simply cheaper. How does it happend? Calls over the Internet – or VoIP – between the company’s branches are free. has an office abroad. Then you will save the most on the cost of international calls.

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Initial costs – once VoIP was associat with a high price, now the prices are lower, and enter the VoIP system does not require infrastructure and people to operate it – all you ne is the Internet and simple configuration. Also check what exactly VoIP is. Read BTC Database EU What is VoIP telephony ? VoIP telephony is a good choice mainly due to lower call prices, especially international ones, so you don’t have to worry about roam or hidn costs. On the other hand, the prices of domestic calls reach the orr of a few pennies, while calls within one network are always free. In addition, us this technology, you only pay for calls ma and not additional services, as is the case with most operators.

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