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Initially recognizing one’s own values, and step by step until the determination of the relevant objectives and career.You have said that the book can be usd in the ducational curriculum as well as within non-governmental organizations, how intereste are these institutions in applying the career guidance methodology?The book is designd to be suitable for school use, with instructions from the teacher or coach. The truth is that since the “Identity” organization initiate the request for the inclusion of this subject in public schools, since then there have been movements from public institutions and foreign organizations in Kosovo.

I workd as a teacher of English and ethics

These initiatives appear ‘unoriente’, in the sense that they do not have any specific plan of initiation, development, monitoring and career UK Mobile Number List determination. However, each of these initiatives touches on a part of what could be called career guidance. Fortunately, these initiatives do not lack financial support.In your opinion, how much interest is there from the youth of Kosovo to prepare for their career journey?Finally, I’ve seen a bit more interest than usual. Young people up to the age of are very focuse on career orientation. Unfortunately, there is family pressure on students from primary school to select a major in high school and then for faculty.

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With dignity and ethics

So these methods or “traditions” do BTC Database UK not necessarily have a positive effect on career orientation.Man has skills and values ​​for more than one field, therefore orientation, reorientation, subsequent development for a new career is completely normal.What is your message to the students and young people of Kosovo?If you don’t read and act today, our entire society will suffer the consequences years from now. Within this society you and your descendants will live. Let’s take the mountaineer’s motto ‘Never look down lest you fall’ as a maxim. Therefore, let us young people not be influencd by the grim reality that has resultd from our.

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