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On the other hand, the strategic approach consists in adapting the company’s processes to external conditions the market, customers, etc. Note that this distinction is need more to fine both cases, in practice it is much better to introduce both concepts. The use of BPM can have a very positive impact on the operation of any organization. Because the only thing that should be used in it is a change of thinking, which does not require large financial or human resources. Business processes tools In orr to better manage processes, it is worth getting. Acquainted with several tools that facilitate organization. The most important are mapping, moling and optimization. Process mapping consists in creating a map that illustrates the course of the entire process from point A to point B.

It contains the main or key processes

Those that relate to key operations in the , supporting, marketing. (Read more about it here). Process moling is the creation of diagrams that show how the process proceeds. This may seem similar to mapping, but there is a fundamental Kazakhstan Mobile Number List difference between the two methods. The process map shows the relationships between individual activities, the mol focuses more on the course of the process itself ( More here ) Optimization is the analysis and improvement of processes in the company. It uses the two previous tools, but not for the purpose of “illustration”, but to improve the process.

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Organization, customer service or production

For this purpose, you also work with people, giving them training and improving operation. scribing, moling and mapping processes is very helpful in orr to improve them, but also to implement them. Therefore, it is worth using the BTC Database EU socalled “puzzle” that can be arranged into individual activities. Workflow and automation When it comes to process management, we often talk about workflow and automation. Workflow is a flow of information between the elements (employees, partments) involved in the process. For this purpose, process automation is also often used , which helps to improve this flow and also gives the necessary technological tools to employees participating in the action. Automation helps in many ways.

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