What’s the Problem with My Ecommerce Website

What’s the problem with your e-commerce website, sir?

“The problem is there are no sales, sir.”

“Sales is everyone’s problem, sir. What is the average traffic per day, sir?”

“is in two thirty people…”

“Ok, the problem with your ecommerce website is traffic, not sales. So solve the problem of no traffic first.”

Identify the problem and solve it first. We may have 1000 other problems that only stem from 1 main problem.

Traffic to ecommerce websites is a common problem for any ecommerce website

The solution?
There are 2 ways to get traffic, free and paid.

Free traffic
Create content marketing. Create a blogpost that our potential customers want to read.
Quote subscriber database. Create email marketing.
Affiliate marketing is also one way to increase traffic numbers

Experienced in ecommerce & digital marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry.

Skilled in sales, retail, e-commerce, and marketing strategy.

Influencers & bloggers – ask them to review products & bring traffic to the website
Advertise on strategic websites

“Sir, my e-commerce website phone lists has a lot of traffic but not a lot of sales.”

First of all, we want to know why the traffic that enters the website does not buy. There are likely several reasons.

1. Problems with the website (the website loads slowly, the buying process is too complicated, the website lacks trust & secure elements, there are no payment options that prospects want, etc.

Solution optimize website

The traffic that comes has no quality (wrong target market, traffic that doesn’t like to buy uses the website, etc.)

Solution: look back at the marketing BTC Database EU funnel. Where does the traffic come from, and what landing page does the traffic land on? Read the secret.

3. Graphics & copywriting problems on the website

Solution : add ummpp to graphics & copywriting. Use more professional product photos (high quality) and copywriting that matches the product photos.

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