Do Business Owners With Sales of 6 Figures a Month


Since the beginning of january 2018, I started offering personal coaching and consulting to business owners who want to start an ecommerce business.

One of the reasons why I offer this coaching is to understand what problems business owners face and what I can help them with.

Therefore, As I always emphasize, customer understanding is an asset to us.

Therefore, By offering coaching, it becomes one of my ways for me to understand my clients and potential clients more deeply.

There is a lot of knowledge and information that I got during these almost 4 months.

I was actually quite surprised when the client who took personal coaching with me apparently already has a business with sales of over 6 figures per month just using whatsapp.

So what exactly makes these business owners interested in ecommerce

Why do hey want to switch to e-commerce even though there are already many sales with a rapidly growing business and many staff?

Here are the reasons as told to me.

1. “I’m tired of whatsapp”
For the close sale business on whatsapp, when phonelist monthly sales have reached 6 figures per month, my client finds that the task of serving prospects on whatsapp is a task that requires a lot of work.

There are times when hundreds of whatsapp messages enter the sales team’s cellphones a day.

This causes the cellphone to hang, not respond, need to restart and so on.

As a solution, business owners need to buy iphones (whatsapp is more stable on iphones) for all sales teams.

That's not counting the messages that need to be answered regardless of time and place

Therefore, Difficult to manage sales team
“Sir, that day one of the sales team BTC Database EU wished me a wedding leave. My business sales fell badly because he was on vacation.”

“Sir, it is difficult to manage the sales team. Some days they are enthusiastic, some days they are down.”

Therefore, That’s one of my clients’ complaints.

Managing people is not an easy task. Especially the people who bring money to our business.

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