Marketing Techniques by Sowing Virtue

Therefore, I always talk about how important it is for us to provide value first to potential customers before we receive value from them in the form of a sales transaction. This is an important and very effective marketing technique in the long run.

Imagine content marketing, sharing tips, giving ebooks for free. Therefore, or giving specific guides and the like.

Therefore, I discuss this at length in the topic of funnel marketing in the secrets of ecommerce funnels ebook.

However, I think the word “Value” used here is not fundamental. We don’t feel the word value.

So today I would like to introduce a word that is closer to our souls, especially the malays, which is the word budi.

Giving value to potential customers is like sowing kindness to potential customers

Therefore, I think many people will agree if I say, malay people are very sensitive with kindness.

There are many malay poems that uphold good morals. Among them;

From daik, returning to daik, budi’s
Daily banana gardening
Is well rewarded.
People will remember phone number list it in their hearts

Planting lenggun, growing coconuts,
Rising flowers, dead shoots,
Budi, sir, I don’t forget.
It’s stuck in my heart

The sea water is calm
When the boat is going home to tanjung.
My heart remembers saying that
Budi is good, I feel like I want to be upheld.

A ship sails from arakan
Take a salary to be a fisherman
Die fish because of bait
Die me because of kindness.

Sweet potatoes are planted by people

Therefore, Many virtues are virtues
. Kindness is remembered by people.

Therefore, Fold the cloth, fold the BTC Database EU shirt. Fold the paper inside you.
From water to stone
, don’t forget your kindness a little bit

Therefore, A golden banana is taken to sail. Cook one on a chest.
A golden debt can be paid. A debt of kindness is taken to death.

Therefore, So, even if we are in business, spread kindness to the targeted audience. One day they will repay us with continued sales transactions or bring customers to us.

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