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On the other the name cannot be too general – there is a good chance that the cidate will then skip such an offer, because he will consider that it does not match his qualifications. It is therefore worth betting on professional nomenclature that really reflects the position you offer. Description of the offer The description of the job offer is the place where you should include all the most important information. A potential cidate usually expects a short description of the company, scope of duties, requirements for a given position benefits offer by the employer. Above all , the description should be concise clear It is worth betting on bullet points, thanks to which the cidate will be able to easily catch the most important information.

Responsibilities Every good job advertisement

Requires a job description. It is on this basis that most cidates can decide whether their skills qualifications match the offer. Therefore, this element is often mention as one of the first, right after a short introduction of the company. When Finland Phone Number List determining your responsibilities, think about what a typical day might look like for the position. This will make it much easier for you to gather the most important tasks that a potential employee can expect. Of course, you don’t have to write about every little task. Include all major responsibilities so that the potential cidate has a general impression of what the job is about. Requirements Another extremely important element of a job advertisement on LinkIn are the requirements for the cidate.

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Skills qualifications or experience If you expect specific certificates or courses from a potential employee, you must also include this in your offer. At this point, it is also worth mentioning any requirements as to the knowlge of languages. In addition, you can BTC Database EU describe welcome soft skills – of course, while maintaining rationality. Make sure that the requirements section doesn’t scare off potential cidates. Write your expectations in a manner consistent with reality, do not get carri away by fantasy. What the company offers It is important to include information in the advertisement about what exactly you offer your future employee This is because it is.

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