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Reasons for seasonality of sales Seasonal sales of goods result mainly from the growing nes of consumers at a certain time of the year. This may be a different factor for each industry, in the period after Christmas, when New Year’s Eve is approaching, the dem for fireworks increases. Similarly, with the type of footwear us depending on the season. Seasonality is also affect by current trends This phenomenon can be observ primarily in the clothing industry. It is often even said that something is fashionable in the “autumnwinter season”. For this reason, a product that is currently popular does not have to be eagerly bought next year. This is extremely important information for entrepreneurs – they must constantly keep their finger on the pulse follow the latest trends.

The best tools for seasonality analysis

Seasonality analysis is one of the basic ways to observe periodic dem for products or services. The average monthly number of searches for specific phrases is a very good source of information on when the sales season begins in a given industry. Thanks Ireland Phone Number List to this data, it is possible to make decisions as to the appropriate time to implement marketing activities. There are many tools that enable such analysis. These include, for example, Senuto Ahrefs The indicators available in them provide many valuable clues regarding trends the volume of searches for various words.

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So lets take closer look at these solutions

Senuto vs Ahrefs Both Senuto Ahrefs are tools us by SEO professionals They have many functions that facilitate the positioning process. One of them is the seasonality analysis of specific key phrases. With Senuto, you will carry out, among others analysis BTC Database EU of the visibility of a select website or you will examine key phrases. The latter function is particularly important in the context of seasonality analysis. After entering the select words into the available keyword database, other suggestions for relat phrases will be display. Next to them, information about the average monthly number of their searches will appear, as well as displaying this data in a graph.

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