What is the First Step to Opening an E-Commerce Website


If you directly choose the most expensive package even if you can afford it. You will lose. Because the process of entering items into the e-commerce website takes a lot of time. It could take months because we’re just starting out and there’s no staff yet. So waste will happen because you don’t use the advanced tools that are in the expensive package. So… It’s a waste… Take the lowest package first, then when you’re ready, then upgrade. Can

Regarding domains? I advise you to buy a separate domain even if they offer a free domain. Why? In the future, maybe you want to expand your online business. If you hold your own domain, then you can easily change your system provider and maybe you are ready to run your own platform, which is a type of self-hosted e-commerce.

Self-hosted e-commerce

For the initial cost of opening a self-hosted e-commerce website, it is actually much cheaper, but if you want to add more powerful telephone lists features. It will reach tens of thousands of ringgit. But don’t worry, follow my method by starting from the bottom by buying the cheapest hosting first, then upgrade little by little until you don’t notice you’ve spent a lot. Hahahaha.

That’s it… for starters. It can be as low as rm150. You can use woocommerce, opencart, magento, prestashop and many more that are available and follow your convenience. I recommend for starters if you only have one or two products, use woocommerce and if there are many. Please use opencart or prestashop. And if you are more advanced, you can use magento such as fashionvalet and gemfive websites.

If you have a little more capital. Please shop and buy a theme. Budget in usd49 – usd69 so that your website looks more beautiful and looks cool.

Estimated initial cost is only rm150 to rm350

But here you know, if our money capital is small, then our business capital needs to be big. If our capital is large, we can directly hire a BTC Database EU web designer to create our website. The estimate is between rm3000 to rm15000, depending on the quality of the website you want.

This is the part that still causes many people to not start a business. Right? The answer that many people answered. I don’t know what to sell? Can you help me what should I sell?

My answer. I do not know. You are here to find it yourself. But I give tips as below. Please take action and determine what you want to sell and stay focused.

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